Picture of sunflowers

Summer Course

Monday 21st – Saturday 26th August 2023

“As the sun opens the flowers delicately, unfolding them little by little, so the yoga exercises and breathing open the body in a slow and careful training.”

When the body is open, the heart is open. There is a transformation in the body’s cells. They work in a different way and a new growth is possible.” Vanda Scaravelli

Re-invigorate or kickstart your practice and feel more resourced

Summertime is a season of abundant energy and possibilities! Are you ready to embrace this rejuvenating spirit and elevate your yoga to new levels? Then join us for a gorgeous Online Summer Yoga Course, to ignite your practice and leave you feeling invigorated, resourced and inspired. This 6-day online journey is the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into the world of yoga and embrace the transformative power it holds.

Ignite Your Practice: Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or looking to establish a foundation for practice, this course will both meet you where you are, whilst ensuring you experience tangible benefits and a reinvigorated love for your practice. These beautiful yoga, breathing & meditation practices cultivate acceptance and from there, transformation.

Online Convenience: This course is crafted to fit into your busy summer schedule. Join from the comfort of your home while still receiving personalized instruction and guidance. All sessions will be recorded and available for two weeks after the course ends so you have flexibility around when you join the sessions.

Inspiration and Creativity: These 6 days will harness vibrant summer energy to infuse your practice with fresh inspiration and creativity. Explore yoga poses, chanting, breathwork & meditation that will uplift and motivate you on your yoga journey.

Feel More Resourced: Whilst summertime can enhance our sense of abundance, enjoyment of life and connection with others, it can sometimes drain our energy, leaving us feeling depleted and overwhelmed. This course is designed to replenish your physical, mental, and emotional resources. Through a harmonious blend of yoga, breathing, chanting and meditation practices, you’ll find balance, reconnect with yourself, and approach life with a renewed sense of vitality.

6 Days of Yoga Summer Course £99

Get this course completely free when you book your December Dorset Retreat!
(Applied as a discount when you book the retreat)
(Full details of retreat coming early August)

Course Schedule:

Mon 21st Aug 0700-0800:   Start the week with energizing & uplifting breathing
1800-1915:  Scaravelli-inspired yoga asana

Day 2:
Tues 22nd Aug 0700-08.15: Awaken your inner sunshine! Heartwarming & energizing practices – Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) asana sequence and Surya Namaskara chant, celebrating attributes of the sun.

Day 3:
Weds 23rd Aug 1800-1915: Scaravelli-inspired yoga asana

Day 4:
Thur 24th Aug 1800-1915: Guided meditation with Dave Lishansky – I am so excited that Dave has accepted my invitation to bring his beautiful meditation to us! Based in San Diego, Dave says “I invite you to step into a gentle space that’s just for you; guided meditation for self-awareness and self-compassion, to consciously engage with what can arise and create a more harmonious inner and outer world.”

Day 5:
Fri 25th Aug 2000-2100: Relax into the weekend with calming & restful breathing practices.

Day 6:
Sat 26th Aug 0900 -10.30: Asana practice and sharing circle for celebrations/reflections/insights from the week.

6 Days of Yoga Summer Course £99
Get this course free when you book your December Dorset Retreat!
(Applied as a discount when you book the retreat)
(Full details of retreat coming early August)

“I always leave Caroline’s classes feeling relaxed and restored. I enjoy the mindful movement aspect and sense of being on a journey with understanding my body rather than striving for particular positions or poses. I have become much more aware of what my body needs and so there is an implicit self compassion arising from the approach Caroline takes.” Harriet 2023