Scaravelli-inspired Yoga Retreat - Andalucia Spain

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Andalucia Summer Retreat
Dorset Winter Retreat

Andalucia Summer Retreat

Next retreat: 14th-19th June, 5 nights near Malaga & Granada, Spain

5 night yoga holiday retreat at Cortijo El Cachete, an Andalusian Farmhouse with private garden, swimming pool, designated yoga studio and outdoor yoga platform, surrounded by olive groves and beautiful mountains.

What’s included:
Accommodation with en-suite bathrooms.
Private 20 metre swimming pool, firepit & icebath.
Morning yoga intensives, evening yoga/breathwork or song circles.
Delicious vegetarian meals – breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Nearby beauty spots for walking, swimming.

There’s no need to leave unless you want to! If you feel like roaming, you can take a relaxing countryside walk to Venta de Santa Barbara waterfall or a car would get you to Rio Frio village & waterfall (15 mins), Izanjar Resevoir for swimming (20 mins), Malaga Beaches (45 mins), Granada & The Alhambra (45 mins)

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£875 (1,000 Euros) Single occupancy, double bedroom (ensuite)

£700 (800 Euros) Sharing, either double bed or single bed in twin room (ensuite)

Cost includes 5 nights accomodation. Yoga & supper on Weds eve, then 4 full days of yoga & relaxation, departing after breakfast on Monday.

For what to expect on a typical retreat day please read on…

“To have time implies that quality of elegance and ease which gives poise to our movements and wisdom to our action…
Why not open the doors and let the air, wind and sun penetrate into our hearts?” Vanda Scaravelli

Each full day on this retreat will offer quiet time (wordlessness) in the early mornings & breakfast-time, long morning yoga sessions followed by lunch. Afternoons are spacious, free time to spend as you wish…resting, countryside walking, settling in to a good book, relaxing in the garden or by the swimming pool. Most days there will be a short early evening gathering (yoga/breathing/singing) before supper. You will be invited and supported to spend time in silence from the later evening through until the morning yoga session begins.

* I am delighted that Miranda Bungey, my dear friend and long-time collaborator, will be supporting me on this retreat. She will also be there as a guest teacher to host two evening song circles. Miranda says:
“It is an immense joy to facilitate and share classes and workshops that bring people together to sing, support them to appreciate their voice and others’ voices and learn to sing more freely and confidently by themselves and with others.”

Delve more deeply in to your yoga practice, discover your breath and your voice, with time in beautiful surroundings to absorb, integrate and come home to your more relaxed and easeful self. To find out more or apply for a place on this retreat, please contact me.

“Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful weekend. It was pretty near perfect! From my single cabin in the woods: cosy, warm and fairytale like, to the quintessential yoga workshop sessions which encouraged self discovery and self acceptance and provided a wonderful open forum for students to feel included and to ask questions; seek help, bond, explore and discover so much.  I do feel really lucky to have had this experience, the space you created to not only explore but also discuss yoga is unique.  I really appreciate your open approach and how receptive and genuinely honest and friendly your teaching and more specifically you, as a teacher, are.  I loved the whole special weekend you created.” Emma (West Wales retreat April 2017)

Dorset Winter Retreat

1st-3rd December, a weekend near Lyme Regis, Dorset

As autumn dissolves into winter and we move towards the solstice…

The birds have flown, trees are blackened to silhouettes, leaves are dissolving back into the earth, the quiet sense of hibernation is all around us.

Nature makes it clear!

Your body knows it wants to slow down, you ache for more rest, your whole being is crying out to be in synch with nature, to withdraw, to rest inside.

You know this is what you truly desire, that this is your true nature…

BUT the festive season is fast approaching, your head is full of all the things you think you ‘have to do’ before you can relax, the ‘just get one more thing done’ patterns seem to be ramping up big time! You promise yourself ‘next year I’ll do things differently’.

So, what if you were to stop? Just stop.

How about stopping right now even? Just for a moment…put down the mouse or phone.

Now pause, take a slow breath or two…aah… Feel that awareness is there (it always is) and that when we presence ourselves, tension often dissolves and we find the calm that we are craving. A place to truly hibernate.

Now imagine that you choose to give yourself a whole weekend to come back to yourself in this way, to restore, to re-set and align with nature’s rhythms – within and all around you. Move into winter with grace & a deep reminder of what’s essential.

Welcome to your winter re-set retreat!

More details to follow. Check back in from time to time or sign up to my mailing list for further announcements.