Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Workshop


Longer, spacious sessions for us to go deeper into exploration and enquiry. Small groups (around 7) to allow for plenty of individual help. Suitable for those with their own practice, long-term students and teachers.

“…no technique to refer to, only an expansion of awareness and a reduction of effort.” Sandra Sabatini

Isle of Wight Workshop – Saturday 24th February 2024 10am – 3.30pm
CampWight, Yarmouth
Cost: £90
Booking: contact host Dottir

Bristol Workshops – Saturdays 10am – 1pm
Wild Goose Space, St Werburghs BRISTOL BS2 9YP
2024 dates: 27th Jan, 23rd Mar, 18th May, 29th Jun, 28th Sep, 23rd Nov

Cardiff Workshops – Sundays 2 – 4pm
Cardiff Yoga Studio, Roath CARDIFF CF24 3BA
2024 dates to be announced

Online Workshops – Saturdays 10am – 12.30pm
A new series for winter/spring 2024. Dates coming soon!
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“Thanks again for the workshop – it was a really interesting and freeing experience. I’ve never really felt my body soften in quite the same way as I did with your help.” Lisa (Yoga Teacher) Sep 2017

Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Workshops
Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Workshops

“Caroline has transformed my yoga practice. She is so warm and likeable and is genuinely interested in each student’s experience. She is extremely skilled and gifted at using touch to guide her students to release tension and find freedom in the body. Her style of teaching requires the student to be explorative and playful and to take responsibility for being present in their body and experience a process of enquiry with each asana. She is skilled at finding ways into asanas when students have limitations due to injury or stiffness. There is no ego or performance with Caroline – she is wonderfully friendly, encouraging, humorous and approachable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Suzanne

Foot & hand of Caroline Reid, Bristol based Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher

“Caroline has a very gentle approach to yoga. The emphasis is not on achieving a position and advancing rapidly through different tasks. Instead she asks students to focus on sensation in their bodies while entering a pose and maintaining it. This means that instead of ‘holding’ a pose through muscular exertion one ‘arrives at it’ in a more organic fashion which actually engages more of the muscles and the skeleton than would otherwise be the case. The sessions advance at a gentle pace and at the end you feel that you have learned things and that you have had a good session of work.” Paul

Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Workshops
Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Workshops

“Thanks to Caroline’s yoga my longstanding ‘dodgy ankle’ is much better and I am more able to manage stress.” Simon, Environmental Consultant