Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher

Bristol & Online Yoga Classes

Timetable for June/July 2022:

6.00 – 7.15pm Zoom (online from 5.45)
10 – 11.30am Centre For Whole Health, Bedminster BS3 3BP
6.00 – 7.15pm Southville Centre, Southville BS3 1QG
6.15 – 7.45pm Centre For Whole Health, Bedminster BS3 3BP
10 – 11.15am Zoom (online from 9.45)
10 – 11.15am Zoom (online from 9.45)

In person classes, booked termly:
6 week term beginning Tue/Weds 7th/8th June
Cost: Southville Centre £60, Centre For Whole Health £72

Drop-in: Email me to check availability first.
Southville Centre £13, Centre For Whole Health £15

New to my classes: 4 class taster for £30. Contact me to book.

Online classes
6 week term beginning Mon/Thur/Sun 6th/9th/12th June Cost: £60
One-off classes: £12

New to my classes: 4 class taster for £30. Contact me to book.

Additional classes
Online classes on top of your weekly in-person or online class cost £5 each. These can be added when booking the first class or as and when you wish.

If experiencing financial hardship please email me – there will be a few subsidised places.

“I’ve so so so so enjoyed these months of online classes with you! I know I’ve said it a few times, but really it has been so enriching, nourishing, moving, inspiring and grounding to connect with you weekly in this practice. Thank you so much, you are a brilliant teacher.” Miranda June 2020

“During a break from Caroline’s classes, I pinched my femoral nerve, which resulted in a really sore knee and shooting pains down my leg. I tried various therapies to help it and, although it improved, it nver went away entirely. Fast forward 18 months and I was able to get back to Caroline’s yoga class. From the very first session, I never experienced another twinge in my leg. Her thoughtful, embodied way of working just enabled me to feel my way back to alignment in my hips and – bingo!- no more leg pain. I always look forward to Caroline’s classes as they are an absolute joy and my mind and body both find them invaluable!” Fliss 2020

Caroline Reid, Bristol based Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher, preparing for Downward Dog Pose
Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Savasana

“Caroline is a warm, welcoming teacher with a thorough understanding of the body and how it works which she shares with the class at every opportunity. The style of yoga she teaches is slow which gives everyone plenty of time to explore the instructions given and really get to know their body better.” Daisy

Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Childs Pose

“Caroline’s teaching has completely changed my understanding of yoga. I look forward to her classes – they are a chance to work through any tensions you have built up and reconnect to your body. It is really worth sticking with this approach. Initially it feels slower than other yoga, but it is a real journey of discovery! Highly recommended.” Katharine