Caroline Reid Bristol Scaravelli-inspired yoga teaching

Scaravelli influenced yoga with Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher

Welcome home…

Discover a beautiful approach to yoga that is kind to your body and that helps you uncover a deep source of vitality and energy. Suitable for all bodies – whether young or old, flexible or stiff. A slow-paced practice, allowing you to ‘listen’ in, release tension and refine movement. Orienting towards a sense of wholeness and spaciousness that feels like a true home-coming.

The inspiration behind my teaching is the revolutionary approach of Vanda Scaravelli, author of ‘Awakening the Spine’.

Based in Bristol U.K., I have been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2002.

I teach weekly group classes, 1:1 lessons, regular in-person workshops and online courses. For info on residential retreats visit my retreats page or sign up for my newsletters.

“Caroline teaches a truly heart warming class. She has a fresh approach to teaching yoga – beautiful and gentle. Prepare to enjoy nurturing adjustment from warm wise hands. I always feel so much more myself after her classes, relaxed and softer.” Vicki

Caroline Reid, Bristol based Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher, preparing for Downward Dog Pose

“Working with Caroline over these last couple of years has supported me to find healthier ways of moving and attending to my wholeness. Not only has Caroline’s approach completely transformed my yoga practice but, as a dancer and bodyworker with a long-standing injury, it has enabled me to gently reconnect and reintegrate parts of myself which had become fragmented. I have gradually found the fruits of weekly practice with Caroline as more depth, clarity and joy in my movement. Her warmth, wisdom and integrity transmit yoga artfully.”  Tara