Information for new students

Hello & welome to my classes!

“I have been coming to Caroline’s classes for more than six years, which is the longest I have ever managed to sustain a regular commitment to yoga, despite many attempts. Over that time I have noticed gradual but distinct improvements in my posture, strength, flexibility and balance. I believe this has been possible because of Caroline’s approach, which emphasises not the achievement of poses but their gentle and thoughtful exploration, starting from wherever you are rather than striving to ‘get into’ a particular position. The welcoming atmosphere of Caroline’s classes and her ‘hands on’ approach add further to this gentle and enjoyable way to practise yoga.” Jackie, 2023

Do any of these sound like you?

You wonder if you can do yoga with that lower back niggle, dodgy knee, stiffness that somehow crept up on you?

You want to know that you are going to be able to ‘keep up’ in the class and not strain yourself?

You’d like a class where you can receive hands-on guidance and ask for help when you feel stuck or unclear?

You’re a seasoned yogi who wants to refine your practice and be guided by your own body rather than methods or systems?

You’ve recently moved to Bristol and are looking for an experienced Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher?

You’re just looking for a local yoga class and hoping this one will suit?

Whether you relate to any of those or not, you are most welcome to try yoga with me!

The initial investment is for you to try out 4 classes, consecutive weeks – this costs £35. You can start at any time, provided there is space – email me to find out.

I keep my classes relatively small and limit the number of new students at any one time so that I can give you extra individual hands-on attention in those first few weeks, if helpful.

Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner, committing to at least a few sessions gives you some time to get a feel for this approach to yoga and to begin the ‘undoing’ process. Whilst change can happen in each session, it will happen over a longer period. Several sessions allows time for you to feel the difference that hands-on adjustments can make and to experience deeper levels of transformation.

Whilst I will always demonstrate a movement or asana (yoga pose) before you do it, the classes are structured to encourage you to engage in your own process so there is no ‘keeping up’ with either me or anyone else in the class. In between demonstrations, I am offering hands-on help here and there – and sharing insights that will develop your awareness and refine your movements.

The initial (and sometimes uncomfortable!) feeling of ‘not knowing’ gradually gives way to more of an attitude of relaxed curiosity and delight at new discoveries.

Email me to check availability first then pay here

4 Class Taster @ £35

“I have been attending Caroline’s yoga classes since 2018 having attended other yoga classes for about 10 years prior to then. I have found the Scaravelli yoga that Caroline teaches to be so much more beneficial to me and has really helped some of the stiffness I had with my body. Other yoga classes seem to focus more on the finished pose rather than working within your own body’s limitations to find a way into the pose. I no longer have the acute hip pain that I used to have. I feel I have got to know my body more and the power of gradually working on changing what it is capable of. I would say it took a few classed for me to “undo” what I had previously learnt but it was so worth it. Caroline’s approach is gentle and so informative and encouraging. Her classes are an essential part of my life!” Ann, 2023

“‘What is this yoga?’ was the thought that ran through my head for at least the first month of classes. I wasn’t sure what I was doing at all and yet after every one of Caroline’s classes I left with a feeling of peace and calm.  Definitely thought provoking, for me, Caroline’s classes provide a deep and mindful exploration into the inner workings of the body.   It’s a deep exploration to get to the poses in the most easeful way, not the quick fix end result.  I’m allowing myself the time to understand this yoga and with that reaping the many benefits.” Susan, 2023

“I was looking for yoga classes with a focus on connecting mind and body, breathwork and a slower pace that helps me feel more grounded.
Caroline’s 4-day taster class offer was exactly what I was looking for – a class that had the promise of suiting my style, helping me commit to regular yoga practice, and really good value for money for taster sessions, at £7.50 per 1.5 hour class.
It can take time to know whether a yoga teacher or class is a good fit, and the taster sessions allow you time to be curious and explore Scaravelli yoga, and Caroline’s teaching style. For me, I knew very quickly that this approach to yoga is a good fit for me!
I’ve been practising yoga for 10 years on and off, and I’m surprised (and grateful) at the ways in which I’ve been adjusted by Caroline – she gently helps you move your energy and weight to the areas of the body that should be supporting in that pose, helping relieve areas of tension, pressure and heaviness in the process.
It’s fascinating and I’ve learnt so much in just a month about my body and areas that I’ve never properly explored before.
What I love about Caroline’s approach to yoga is that we focus on the feeling of the pose and working on “undoing” areas of tension and pressure by moving around and exploring that area of the body. The emphasis is on the journey, not the destination or how the pose “should” look. 
Yoga with Caroline helps me to slow down, feel the connection between my mind, body and emotions, and leaves me feeling more grounded, stronger and open.” Jenny 2023

Although my previous teachers were all in the Scaravelli tradition, I was used to 100% concentration on classic yoga postures so for quite a while I struggled with the initial part of your classes which do not involve traditional asanas but instead very simple movements. Now I have grown to like these very much. For me these movements seem to release overall tension – hence my reputation for yawning!
The adjustments feel great. You are very perceptive in knowing what to adjust – if only I could bottle what you’ve done and take it away with me to use it when I do the same posture at home! Roger 2023

I look forward to welcoming you to my classes soon!