Terms & Conditions


I encourage you to book in for a full term of classes and I prioritise space in my class for those who do so. This creates a container for you to commit to your weekly practice and develop, plus the whole group gets to move forward. It also ensures that I can commit to hiring venues and to holding places for you each week. I deliberately limit the number of new students or people attending on a drop-in basis at all times so that a balance is maintained in favour of ongoing students.

Payments for all classes are non-refundable (unless cancelled more than 30 days before the term starts (as in ‘events’ below). If you miss a class during the term, I will try to enable you to make a missed session as set out below. The exception to this is if there is not enough space to accommodate an extra person in the class requested, in which case the class may be forfeited. It does usually work out though!

Booking a whole term of classes – both online and in person
Any classes attended to make up for a missed class must be taken by the end of the term that you have booked for. If you happen to miss the last class of a term and are booking in for the whole of the next term, you can make it up as an extra class during the second term but it will not be carried over as a payment or reduction of the cost of any future classes. You do not need to give notice of missing your regular class but it is helpful if you do.

Please note: In rare circumstances, I may move a weekly in-person class online, such as during adverse weather conditions or if I have a mild virus. If this would not be suitable for you, please let me know when you book – you would then be refunded or credited for the missed class.

Booking single/drop-in classes – both online and in person
In person: there are no refunds or exchanges for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to class start time.
Online: there are no refunds or exchanges for cancellations less than 12 hours prior to class start time. This includes missing a class due to arriving late. Remember you can log-in up to 15 minutes before the start time.
With more than 24 hours (in person) or 12 (online) the class can be exchanged for another class, to be taken within the next 6 weeks that I’m teaching.

1:1 Lessons

With at least 48 hours notice; payment can be refunded (minus 10% admin fee) or the lesson rescheduled.
With 48-24 hours notice; the lesson can be rescheduled but not refunded.
Less than 24 hours notice or ‘no show’; payment is not refundable or transferable.


Each retreat has a bespoke cancellation policy, which will be provided before you confirm your booking.


Events include workshops, courses, yoga days or a specialist class.
Whilst I would like to be able to compensate you for unforeseen circumstances (injury, illness, family emergency etc) there are costs incurred when hiring venues and time involved in preparing for all events.
With at least 30 days’ notice before the Event’s start date; payment can be refunded (minus 10% admin fee).
Less than 30 days notice before the Event’s start date; there will be no refund unless I am able to transfer your booking to another participant, in which case payment can be refunded (minus 10% admin fee).

I reserve the right to cancel an Event for any reason, though will endeavour to do so only in exceptional circumstances that would mean I am unable to offer the Event as advertised, or if there are, in my opinion, insufficient numbers booked onto the Event for it to be financially viable.
Should this happen, I will notify you as soon as possible and refund you the full amount (£ sterling) you have paid for the Event. I will not, however, be responsible for any additional expenses which you may have incurred, for example travel, accommodation or any exchange rate losses. Where relevant I encourage you to purchase travel insurance.