Caroline Reid One-to-one hands-on Scaravelli-inspired yoga teaching

One to one in person and online

A private lesson can be really helpful.

If you are new to yoga, you may feel more comfortable trying it in a private space, particulary if there are health issues or physical limitations that you are concerned about. Often I find that one lesson is enough to reassure and give someone confidence to join a class.

If you are developing a yoga practice or are teaching, you might want more time for hands-on guidance, work on specific yoga asanas or to discuss questions in a private setting.

In person costs £50 for an hour, which is usually plenty for one person, or £70 for an hour and a half. You can share a lesson with a friend and split the cost. I teach at my home in Knowle, South Bristol in a tranquil, light-filled room. On street parking is easy here, you can bring your bike into the garden or there is a bus & scooter park at the end of the road.

Online costs £50 for an hour, £30 for 35/40 minutes.

Generally, I am available Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesdays & Fridays. Other times may be possible too – just ask!

Please email or phone 07570 507494.

“That was an amazing lesson. Thank you so much. I think you can safely say that your private lessons works brilliantly on Zoom!” Sian 2020
“Well done for such a successful transition to online teaching! You’ve done a great job, especially considering it’s something so hands on. I wouldn’t have thought it could be done, but you’ve proved me wrong!” Hana 2020

Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga One to one
Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga Urdhva Dhanurasana
Caroline Reid Scaravelli-inspired yoga One to one