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Caroline Reid headstand

When I began practicing yoga, in my late 20s, my body was stiff and uncomfortable, having had scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine) since childhood. Working with my yoga teachers I was amazed to discover what my body could feel like. They helped me find internal spaciousness and freedom that I hadn’t experienced before. It was like discovering that the house I had lived in for so many years contained hidden passageways and rooms that I was only just becoming aware of! This process continues…

Inspired by the slow revolution that was taking place in my own body and by Vanda Scaravelli’s book ‘Awakening The Spine’, I trained in London with two of Vanda’s direct students Sophy Hoare and John Stirk, qualifying in 2002.

During the training I met Diane Long, who studied with Vanda for 23 years. Diane and Sophy are the authors of ‘Notes on Yoga – The Legacy of Vanda Scaravelli. Since then I have continued to study regularly with Diane, traveling to work with her around the U.K, Italy and India. In 2011 I met Christine Borg and continue to work with her regularly too.

“What a privilege it is to realize the beauty of living inside this body” Diane Long

“Caroline has a very kind approach and an in-depth understanding of the kind of yoga we do. I love watching her demonstrating poses because her movements always come from within and they unfold in a very animal like way. The way she adjusts is also incredible. She is a very special and gifted teacher. I feel lucky to be taught by her.” Kasia